I have been involved with the TONALi organization in Hamburg since 2014, when I participated in the TONALi competition. The TONALi- Tour is a model which simultaneously brings children to a concert hall and gives them the chance to become concert presenters. Each member of a piano trio visits a different school a month before the concert, and the school manager teams sell tickets to their friends- resulting in an often sold-out chamber music concert filled with pre-teens!

Carolina Philharmonic
I have now had the pleasure to play twice with the Carolina Philharmonic in Pinehurst, North Carolina. This orchestra was realized by the incredible David Wolff, who simultaneously created and nurtured enough musicians for a Junior Orchestra where seven years ago there was nothing, and reaching thousands more through concerts every year.

Glass Bead Concerts
This past summer I participated in the Reaching Out program of the Verbier Festival, and received the APCAV Prize for developing my own project. I will post more here as I work on it!



Carolina Philharmonic Junior Orchestra members, Olya Tsuber Photography